Tech-intensive production to ensure best quality in the supply chain

At its initiation, the Rice Milling industry was inherently labor-intensive, leaving little scope for consistency in quality and prevention of wastage. Saroj Agro Industries begged to differ and brought pragmatism to quality control by becoming one of the first companies to introduce premium Buhler powered technology in South India to its manufacturing process. We have retained that dedication and pragmatism in our effort to go above and beyond in employing modern technology to ensure what reaches you is the absolute best in quality and Good for Health. Each product is sent through multiple checkpoints for inspection, these include multiple de-stoners to confirm zero impurities and an accredited sortex to remove any and all foreign elements to give you that perfect texture, every time

Saroj Agro Industries follows a unique pattern of processing and quality control. We have engineered a system that efficiently improves quality at all stages of manufacturing making our products consistently up to standards. Our secret lies in predictability – Our machinery is designed to identify all impurities and promptly eliminate them making the end product an ideal fit for intended quality. Our products are ISO22000 certified and go through a Four-Step Cleaning procedure that entails every quality check point required to bring the absolute best to your plates. Our success lies in your satisfaction and we dedicate the best resources and inspection to bring quality and health to your tables. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with specialized machinery that cater to the efficient processing of raw materials into finished products. After that they are stored in well-sanitized silos. Our processing chain features over 20 checkpoints that cleanses and purifies raw materials before they are fit for consumption. Quality is a promise, one we take immense pride in upholding