Saroj Agro provides richly textured, high-quality batters to help you make piping hot, super soft and great tasting idlis and dosas every time at home.

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  • Idli Batter

    Idli is a household dish in South India, and it has been well loved in the rest of the country and internationally as well. Traditionally, Idli batter is prepared by mixing rice sooji and urad dal(black gram) in the right quantities and then allowing the mixture to ferment for 8 hours at room temperature. This recipe is used to ensure that the batter is perfect in terms of taste, texture and consistency. Vijay idli batter has made the recipe easier and will ensure you get soft and tasty idli’s at home every time.

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  • Vijay Dosa Batter

    Dosa is one of the most loved dishes from South India, and it has a global fanbase. Traditionally, the preparation of Dosa starts by mixing freshly milled raw rice and urad dal in a specific proportion. The mixture is then allowed to be fermented for 8 hours. Vijay Dosa Batter has made the process incredibly easy now! The batter ensures that you get the right texture and consistency every time – hence making Dosas more accessible and simple to make. The products go through intense cleaning and are perfected in every way.

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